Our Community, Our Responsibility




If you made the choice to live, work, and raise your family in Ridgecrest, this is a call out to you! Are you willing to INVEST back into your community?

We all need to be aware that the city government does not have the funds to improve and repair the appearance of our infrastructure or to maintain our parks. Ridgecrest/China Lake is not home to big industry or retail such as large corporations or shopping malls to produce the sales and property taxes needed to support the upkeep. We can either place blame and give up on our home town or accept the situation and make the choice to do something about it.

The RIDGEPROJECT website was specifically built and designed to give Ridgecrest residents a voice on how they envision their community and the power to make that vision come to life. If you want to see improvement in your community, here is your window of opportunity. Visit our “GET INVOLVED” page to view the many ways you can make a difference.

Keep in mind, the money you decide to invest will ONLY be used to subsidize the project and to service this website. There is NO government agency/organizational influence or tie to this movement. All work will be done by local, insured, licensed and bonded contractors and all funds will be managed in the Non-Profit Nexus Account.


By investing our hard earned dollars back into the community, stimulating the local economy through employing local contractors, and restoring civic pride, we will help Ridgecrest reach its potential. You control the outcome, only if you are willing to commit and contribute.