Our Community, Our Responsibility

The RIDGEPROJECT was founded on hope. Our hope is to offer the people of Ridgecrest a sense of empowerment, to help them unite and rise with focus energy and to demonstrate that we have the power to shape this community into what we want to call home.

We believe there are enough people willing to be apart of something far greater than themselves in order to benefit the community of Ridgecrest.

The RIDGEPROJECT was established to lay the tracks and direct the path of this forward-thinking movement.

The RIDGEPROJECT is far greater than just community cleanups and beautification project; it is a mindset. The sole purpose of the project is to create a belief system that we, the community, have the opportunity and the resources to produce what we want.

For example, better roads, sidewalks and bike paths, maintained ball parks for our youth and an enhanced appearance of the city which will not only attaract new business opportunities and amenities to the are, but also appeal to new families and the talented minds of tomorrow – the possibilities are unlimited.

We will not wait for change, we will instigate it. We will not look for government assistance because there is none. We are the solution to what we desire. We will make a difference one project at a time.

“Believing that your actions matter is how the human mind learns optimism or to use a better word – hope.”
Laura Vanderkam

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